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where have all the minutes gone??

I feel as though my weeks consist of Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. And weekends just seem to fly by. Work has been busy lately, and our division is currently in the process of restructuring. Hopefully the dust will settle in a few weeks...

Easter was spent at home. The upcoming long weekend will also be spent at home. Friday 27 April is a holiday, and then Tuesday 1 May. I am considering taking the Monday off work too, as it will probably be real quiet here anyway.

We are planning a short trip in June - just for a few days. I am looking forward to it - just to get out of Cape Town and away from it all for a bit. We have also been discussing the possibility of taking a trip in November. We have not come to any final decisions yet, but I really hope it works out!!

I intend leaving work earlier today, to miss traffic. The weekend is going to be chilled, though we do have a wedding to attend.

And, I have questions, to answer, but did not get a chance this week. So will attempt them this weekend or early next week. Thanks MileMasterSarah!


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