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nearly 1 year

I need to take control.... I am still having difficulty with my gym routine. A few months ago this was all so easy for some reason, but now I have problems getting up in the morning to go. I still manage a few times a week - but sometimes I get there too late to be able to do anything worthwhile. Yesterday morning was a good session, and I pushed myself a little harder - and it felt good. I guess I just need to find the motivation again...

My one year appointment is coming up soon. I have not yet made it. I am still considering changing endo's. I need to see someone in March - as my chronic medication will expire then (it needs to be renewed annually). I am a bit nervous about this appointment, as I know that my control has not been that good lately. I guess I have finally exiting the honeymoon period and it is time for some adjustments. It has been like this on and off since about November last year. So needless to say I am fearing the A1C the most... But this is also what is making me consider the pump even more. I have not called the rep again - hope to do that either today or early next week. I want to meet with her before my next endo appointment - so I can kind of know what I want and the questions I want to ask. I still doubt that my medical scheme will pay for the pump - but I guess if I can pay for it I should... The only other thing I am concerned about is that if I do get it (and pay for it myself), if the Scheme will cover all the monthly consumables. But first things first - I need to call her!! (I sometimes tend to put these things off....).

This morning we woke up to a very cool city - it must have been raining most of the night, and there was still a slight drizzle. Still the temperatures are okay (minimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius).

Been having a problem with fruit lately - they seem to ripen way to quickly. Bananas are going completely mushy within 3 days, apples are too soft... I have tried buying at various different shops, but it is all pretty much the same. So tomorrow I am going to try out an organic market that is open every Saturday (at least this is the plan...). I am hoping that the fruit will be of better quality! I am dying for nice apples and bananas...

but - so glad it is Friday!!

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I can't believe you only see your endo once a year. How often do you get an a1c?

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