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Tuesday 20/02/2007 09:00

That is when I am meeting the pump rep! I spoke to her this week and made an appointment. I am really excited about seeing all the different components to the pump, and of course the pump itself. Hopefully things will then fall into place in the next few weeks - I will decide whether or not I want to go through with it, then arrange to maybe try it out before making my final decision, trying to get the medical aid to pay for it (which I think is going to be near impossible), and then maybe finally getting my own one.

Friday has come along (again) - they seem to come so quick! This weekend we are having a BBQ for his birthday (tomorrow). A friend who is in the process of relocating to another city may be here and able to come to the party (with my god daughter, who has apparently grown a lot since I last saw her!).


Good luck with the pump rep! I would really recommend trying to meet with all of the reps. A lot of the pumps have some really cool unique features, and the pump game is pretty much about choosing the features that matter to you.

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