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the results

I got my blood test results back yesterday afternoon. And things are okay!

My A1c is slightly up from 6.1 in August last year to 6.9, but I am satisfied with it. I was expecting a higher reading, and this reading is actually much better than I expected. Hope I can keep it under 7 for the next one too!

Iron is looking good. I am on the border - so basically in the words of my doc, "if you wanted to donate blood they would say no, but that doesn't really matter because you have diabetes and wouldn't have been able to anyway..." I will try to keep that number up, maybe take a multi vitamin which includes some iron.

Thyroid looking good.

Leaving the worst for last - cholesterol. It is still fine, but I need to keep an eye on it. So I have decided to re-look at my diet a bit and cut out any unnecessary "treats" - which I seem to have been having lately. I am sure that should do the trick! And of course to continue my gym routine that has been suffering a bit lately..

My new Endo works at one of the state hospitals (and university teaching hospital). I have thought about doing some type of volunteer work for a while now, but have never really looked into it. I have offered to help out in some way - not sure when, how etc., most likely with teenagers with diabetes, probably in the line of just basic educating or something. I just told her yesterday that I am willing and she should just let me know..

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