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did i forget something?

I woke this morning before my alarm went off. I was thirsty and needed the loo. I went to the bathroom in the dark, did not want the light to wake me further, I felt I still needed some sleep. Back in bed I was wondering why I was so thirsty. I replayed last night in my head - dinner, then to a friend to say good bye before her move (now officially moving cities, she was down with baby C to finalise the lasts bits), back home, read - and then??? Well, I most likely went to sleep. Something missing from all that - where is the "take Levemir"? Alarm goes off about half an hour later, get up, wash hands, test. 18.8mmol/L (338). Great, just what I need. Was not sure if I should do gym, so skipped it for a bit later during the day (that inevitably then gets postponed, I get busy, and end up not going...). Oh well, it cannot always be perfect.

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thanks, i think it went well, but we'll see. hope i get it, think i will enjoy it.

i hate when u forget to take insulin, but i hate waking up high more. i was 18.4 this morning with no reason i can think of why.

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