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Had my most scary Hypo experience this weekend. I had been lying on the couch watching TV or something and must have dozed off. He wakes me telling me to get up and go to bed. Within a few seconds a sort of familiar feeling sweeps across me. Only I was feeling much weaker than normal. I can hardly move. Grab my meter from the coffee table and test (with some difficulty). 5...4...3...2...1.... LO - Now feeling confused. I had not felt this coming... What does LO mean??? Take out the little explanation guide I have in my meter pouch - 1.1mmol/l is the lowest the meter reads. I ask for juice, I am starving, and I want something more. He brings juice, energade, a chocolate. I feel as though I am passing out - not fainting, but slowly "fading away". I am not really sure how to explain it. I ask him if he remembers how the glucagon works (have never needed it, tell him to use it should I pass out), and to call the ambulance should I pass out. I drink, eat, and he then makes me a sandwich. By then I am feeling 100% better, but he insists that I finish the sandwich too. I do.

I never want to feel like that again.


That's no fun at all. I'm with you on not wanting to feel that way. I've had some lows that changed my whole perspective of low blood sugar. I hope your mind is at ease.

I've felt that fade - it's brutal. Scarier, somehow, than an adreneline filled panicky low.

Poor you! I know how those feel! Except that I always pass out, start shaking and wake up feeling naseuos from the glucagon. I am excited to hear that you are looking at the pump! Since I have been on the pump, I have not had ANY lows like that! The coolest thing about my pump (and maybe yours) is that it counts the active insulin still in your body. I used to always forget when exactly I did my last shot. That is why I had so many lows! Good luck...the pump is kind of scary at first. But it has saved me!!!

Just found your blog! Join the "hypo-club"! They tryly suck son't they?! Stop by my blog and you will hear of mine.....

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