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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Diabetes has been good to me lately - with not too many highs, and very few lows. I have much fewer lows now than I did for months after my diagnosis, though I do think that on average I am running slightly higher. I hope to bring this down, but would prefer it not to be in exchange for more lows... I am still experiencing a bit of issues with my morning numbers. It has settled down a bit, but I think that my evening Levemir dose is not sufficient. This dose was increased in February after an Endo visit (from 10 to 12 units), but I am still seeing a rise in numbers most mornings. I have done a few 2am tests - one which came in in range (with the morning reading being the same as this one), one in range with the morning reading being a bit higher, and one higher than my bed-time reading, and an even higher reading when I woke up. I think I need to do a few more of these before my next appointment at the end of May. I will do an A1C then also, but I am not banking on any improvement there.

Gym has been okay. Nothing more really to say here, other than it is becoming increasingly difficult to drag myself there with the morning becoming darker and colder, making my bed a hell of a lot more comfortable. Traffic also seems to get worse every week...

On the pump front - I am yet to meet with the Roche rep. Hopefully I will do that some time in May. It seems as though the only options available here are Minimed and Roche. Once I have met with Roche rep, I will decide. Costs are going to play a major role in my decision - not so much the cost of the pump, but the monthly consumables. They seem to be quite expensive, and I am not yet sure how my medical aid would cover these. I have been considering changing insurance companies, but changing mid-year is going to be more of a hassle - so I have decided to wait until the end of the year when we are given options to change to different plans or Schemes. If my insurance company refuses to pay, or does not cover enough I will consider changing to another and going onto the pump only then.

Just after I was diagnosed I never would have thought about going onto the pump. I still have a few issues - sleeping with the pump being one of them, but I have been assured that this is not a problem at all. But everyday I realise more and more what the benefits of having a pump would have, and how much more convenient my life could actually be (although I don;t find MDI to be that much of a convenience...). I also believe that if these morning number continue to be higher than my bed-time numbers, and also if they increase, the pump will be the only real solution to solve that problem.

And non-diabetes related - Friday is a holiday - yea!, and so too is Tuesday. I am still considering taking Monday off, to make it an even longer weekend...

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007


This is way late. But things have been a bit hectic lately...

Thanks MileMasterSarah!

1) What is the coolest way blogging has affected your life?

I think I am more of a lurker than a blogger. After being diagnosed with diabetes, I felt very alone. I don't really know anyone that has it, and felt that nobody could really understand what I was going through. I started searching the net, and what I found I was not really expecting. There was this whole community out there, going through exactly the same!!

So, blogging has made me feel less alone (that's a cool thing isn't it??!). And besides that, blogging has taught me a hell of a lot about this disease.

2) What month is your least favourite and why?

January - but not the first few days.... And a couple of simple reasons really - it gets too hot over here, the city becomes too busy, and I think too much of the things I wanted to do the previous year that I never got round to doing.

3) Imagine you have been given the power to heal. If your power to heal were limited to only one person, and that person could not be a family member, whom would you choose? And why?

I guess I could not heal myself then either :)

Sadly I cannot think of anyone. If I could cure just one disease, or part of a disease it would be cancer in kids.

But if I could turn back time, I would heal my best friend's son.

4) If you could change one thing about the year you were age 16, what would it be?

To be more happy with myself, and more confident in my abilities. I think I carried a lot of that into adulthood, and wish I hadn't.

5) Please tell us about a gesture a person or group of persons in your life has done that affected you very deeply, perhaps in a way they will never know.

My best friend. She is far away, and lost her son. His life even touched me, although I did not get to meet him. He made me realise I wanted to be a mom, and to appreciate life more. In my friend I saw such strength. And she said that "I am only this strong because of all of you".

Friday, 13 April 2007

where have all the minutes gone??

I feel as though my weeks consist of Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. And weekends just seem to fly by. Work has been busy lately, and our division is currently in the process of restructuring. Hopefully the dust will settle in a few weeks...

Easter was spent at home. The upcoming long weekend will also be spent at home. Friday 27 April is a holiday, and then Tuesday 1 May. I am considering taking the Monday off work too, as it will probably be real quiet here anyway.

We are planning a short trip in June - just for a few days. I am looking forward to it - just to get out of Cape Town and away from it all for a bit. We have also been discussing the possibility of taking a trip in November. We have not come to any final decisions yet, but I really hope it works out!!

I intend leaving work earlier today, to miss traffic. The weekend is going to be chilled, though we do have a wedding to attend.

And, I have questions, to answer, but did not get a chance this week. So will attempt them this weekend or early next week. Thanks MileMasterSarah!