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No, not really. The butterfly needle is what was used to drain me this morning. I had blood drawn this morning (fasting blood) for the following: HbA1C, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Iron Studies and Ferritin, and Full Blood Count. Not sure when the results will be available. I felt like they drained me completely! I then spoilt myself to a scone and cheese for breakfast - one of my favourites!

I met with the new Endo yesterday, and really like her! We chatted about a few things, I did not have a full exam (just blood pressure), we spoke about my meds, and she asked me to have the blood tests done some time (I decided that this morning was as good a time as ever, gives me less time to brood over it, I HATE drawing blood....). So I will definitely be seeing her from now on. Nothing against my old Endo, he was great. But she has a different way about her, a more of a caring attitude (not that I am saying my other Endo did not care...). I am actually not really sure whether I am supposed to tell my other one that I will no longer be seeing him or not?

I spoke to her about the weight I have put on in the past year and that I have been struggling to shake it. According to her I do not have to loose too much weight, and that the reason I have not lost it is that my control seems to be quite tight (yeah!). I expressed concern over my morning levels, and she suggested I up my Levemir dose and decrease my Novorapid at dinner time to prevent lows. I will start this tonight to see how it goes.

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i hate, hate, hate, having blood drawn. and every time i do the nurses laugh at me and say, "what are you so scared off? aren't you diabetic?" they'll never understand just how different it is. :-D

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