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the pump.

A few months ago this was the last thing I thought I wanted. I just could not imagine having something attached 24/7. But I am now....

So I made a call. They are damn expensive, and I am not sure if my medical scheme will pay for it. I called them to find out what their policy is regarding insulin pumps, and was told that it is decided on a case-to-case basis and that you doctor needs to motivate for it. I spoke to a rep and got the price. I am still thinking... but the more I think the more I think I want to. Maybe I should find out if I can try one for a week or so. anyway... still thinking

The one I am looking at getting is the Paradigm 722 - trying to find out about it and people's experiences with it.


Hi justme....I can give you some feedback. I had worn a pump(Minimed) before and now I am back to pen injections throughout the day because after I changed the site (must change the insertion site q48 hrs.), I would develop small red raised bumps at the site. I interpreted this as a reaction of my body against the plastic inserted tubing that releases the insulin into the body. T1DM is after-all, an Auto-Immune Illness, and as such, the body will react to "foreign materials". This occurrence, however does not affect everyone wearing a Pump. In fact, most people are not affected.
The advantages of a Pump is that it is releasing insulin in a way that a person w/o T1DM has insulin released{ more natural. You can also control the rates/times/amounts better than that with self injections. However, there is no guarantee that you WILL NOT any longer experience hypo or hyperglycemia. I have had both with the Pump. If you decide to wear the Pump, you really need a very very good CDE(Certified Diabetes Educator) to help with the input of basal and short acting insulin doses throughout 24 hrs. This means of course a definite reliance on your bs Meter so that you can "fine-tune the Pump.
Keep in mind that a person(Me) can achieve great HbgA1C with and w/o a Pump. My current A1C w/o a Pump is 6.0
Supplies for the Pump are also need a good insurance provider.
My current feeling about the Pump is, that if I could wear it again, I probably would because it is a much better way to deliver insulin into the body at this time.
Hope that this info is helpful to you.

Hey! I figured you might want one eventually.

I've been wearing a Cozmo for almost a year now, and I love mine. It has a lot of really great features, and it's waterproof!

I had some problems with allergies, but my educator helped me overcome these, and they aren't a problem at all anymore.

I am really in a lot better control now.

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