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getting back to normal

Things have been completely crazy this month. I am glad all the craziness can now come to an end, and I can get on with life.

I wrote my last exam on Monday, and it did not go that well. We have been having extremely hot weather, the weekend was real bad, and I could not concentrate on studying - though I cannot blame the weather alone, as I have had more than enough time for this... I am glad the weather seems to have past - I do not like the heat that much, and temperatures of 40 degrees celsius is unbearable to say the least. Opening windows and doors did not help. One of the days there was absolutely now wind either! But things seems to have cooled down now...

On Saturday we are attending a wedding. His best friend is getting married... (I hope for their sake the weather stays as it is now!)

I have been reading up more on the pump. Thanks Bettercell and Megan for your comments. I would never actually have thought about allergies - which I seem to be prone to sometimes. I have decided to maybe try the pump for a couple of days - but with saline or something, to see if I have any allergic reactions. this must sound real weird, having diabetes, but wanting to test it without insulin. My reasons are that in a few days of testing I will probably not be able to get perfect, or good for that matter, control. before making my final decision I want to be sure that I can actually wear it. Then I will go onto the next steps. Thinking about this is quite exciting, but I am nervous about it to! People without diabetes would probably think I am weird...

Also now that things are not that crazy anymore I can get my gym routine back into shape. I went this morning, and managed to do some running. I had a toning session yesterday, and can still feel it in my legs when I walk after sitting for a period of time!

I cannot believe that it will be one year soon! I was thinking about it recently, and realised that this time last year I already had it, but it was not yet official. Even though I new the symptoms, while I had them I never realised...

This time last year I was visiting my best friend in the UK. It was terribly sad time for us, as her son had past away from congenital heart defects after having surgery. I cannot believe it has been a year already.

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