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So this past week has gone by quick!

I studies real hard for my exam. Most of the weekend was spent in front of my books. I took Friday off also, and studied most of the day. Got through Monday and lived! It went okay - I don;t generally talk much about my exams once written. Rather wait for the results. With this one - all I can say is that I wrote a shit load - I have never written this much for an exam before! the next one is on Monday 29th - so just over a week to go...

I have not yet been able to study for this one, because since finishing my exam on Monday I have been sick. Today is my first day back at work. Still feeling a bit under the weather, but hopefully this will pass real soon.

This weekend is going to be spent studying again. Not looking forward to that. I should really start tonight with something, but that depends on how I feel when I get home. We are going to be experiencing some power cuts this week in some areas. They will be "load shedding" as one of the turbines at the nuclear plant tripped in the morning hours. Something similar happened a while back and it sucked big time. Though that one was much worse and lasted a long time.

I saw his uncle this weekend - he is the one suggesting a new Endo for me. He said that the doctor has agreed to see me. I am now just waiting for a call to meet said new doctor - I think it is a woman.

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