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a new year

So I have started a new blog!

My 2007 resolutions:

Firstly I have to say that I have never really been the "resolution-making" type of person. I think in the past my the idea of quiting smoking often came across my mind - it never really lasted though! But this year I can proudly say that I cannot make that resolution! It has been months (I stopped counting) since my last cigarette!! (So I can now pretend that I made that resolution last year, and that it worked!!).

So for 2007... I have not really given it that much thought. But there are a few things I would like to accomplish this year.

Firstly - I would like to get the "bad" numbers I have had these past couple of months under control. I have decided that I might meet with a new Endo in about a month or two.

Secondly - I would like to continue going to gym regularly. I think I have slacked in the past couple of months, and especially over the festive season. I have considered buying a heart rate monitor to use for my jogging - but I am still two minded about it. I think it may be a motivator to improve my fitness, but am also a bit afraid that I may buy the damn thing and end up not using it, stop exercising, and then I would feel that it was a lot of money wasted....

Thirdly - I would like to shed a bit of kilos. Not much and not quick. I plan to improve my eating habits (which should help with my first resolution too!), continue the gym-thing, and hopefully then this one will also pay off. I have gained a bit of poundage since starting the insulin-regime...

And on the diabetes front again - I have contacted a company for prices of the CGMS. They have not gotten back to me yet. But i hope to start this. And my previous feelings regarding the pump is changing, I may well even consider that this year...

So here is to a great 2007, filled with lots of happiness, good health, and great friends!

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