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Just a week to go before my first exam.... I am a bit nervous already. I really want to get it over and done with. These are the only 2 papers I still need to write!

I had a good weekend, though last night was not very good. My folks visited from Saturday and we had a lovely dinner on Saturday night. The restaurant we went to was great, excellent service, and the most delicious food! And my blood sugar levels played along. It was my birthday on Sunday, but I did not do much. Went shopping in the morning, and spent the afternoon at home. During the evening I was feeling very anxious, I am not really sure why, and then I became a bit sad for no reason at all. Was still feeling it this morning, and woke up with the blood sugar to go with it... I am feeling much better now, but still feeling a bit down. It is really odd, as there is not really anything in specific I can think of that is causing me to feel this way.

the rest of this week is going to be quite busy. I will be studying as much as possible in the evenings, and over the coming weekend. I am also taking Friday off to study at home. Work is good, with most people having returned today. traffic is still a breeze as the schools only go back next week. I like this time of year for that!

I have been giving this year a lot of thought lately. There is a part of me that wants to leave the company I am working for in the next few months. I don't hate my work or anything, but I feel in come ways that it is time to move on. And I have been considering looking for employment abroad... If I apply for a visa within the next year I would more likely get it than afterward. I don't want to move permanently, but think that I would enjoy doing it again. One thing holding me back is the fact that we (the guy and I) bought a flat last year, with lots of new appliances to go with it (this sounds so stupid while typing it....). I think I should really give this more thought. Maybe look at some opportunities and decide from there...

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